Cool & Cozy: Scarf Guide

No matter whom you ask, an undeniable trend every fall and winter season is the scarf. They’re an extremely versatile piece for your wardrobe; and best of all, one size fits all! Scarves are an effortless way to accessorize and complete your look. They add color, style, and texture to any ordinary outfit. Most people tend to cover up in dark and neutral tones during this time of year. Adding a pop of color to your ensemble will turn your look from bland to bam!

For a sleek and simple effect pair a solid scarf with a printed shirt (or vice versa). If you’re going for a fun and free look, go ahead and mix prints! Perhaps floral and plaid? Stripes and polka-dots? Animal print and camo? Fashion is all about having fun and taking risks!

If you really want to make a statement, let the scarf be the centerpiece of your outfit…rather than an accessory. Choose either a bright, bold, or chunky scarf – you’ll be sure to stay cozy and cute. Wearing a stand-out scarf will bring all the right drama to your look.

Scarves not only come in and endless array of sizes, styles, and shapes; but they can also be tied and styled in just as many ways! Go laid-back and casual with a single loose knot. Show off your playful side while adding structure by tying a bow. You can even twist or braid your scarves to go that extra step in creating your unique look.

Keep on adding to your scarf collection! It’s never a bad idea to invest in pieces that will stand the test of time. You’ll always be able to mix and match your scarves with your ever changing wardrobe!

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