Black Friday Shopping Tips!

Black Friday is just around the corner which means it’s time to start making lines and catch the best sales possible! Some go for themselves and others go for Christmas presents, either way it’s one of the biggest shopping days. There are some things you should keep in mind like which stores to hit first or how to come prepared! The best way to get all the shopping done is to keep calm at all times. Freaking out will just make you into this huge hot mess that’s running around the store! Let’s not be that hot mess this year, ladies.

Make A Schedule: Make a list of all the stores you want visit and their sales! Schedule the times that you want to go to each store depending on the time that they open. This is the best strategy you can have on black Friday!

Come Prepared: There will be lines and there will be running! Wear some comfortable shoes and a light jacket just in case the lines are outside. There are some stores that open earlier than others so there will be people camping out the day before to get first dibs. If this is your plan then I suggest you bring someone along who can not only accompany you but also take care of your camping bag while you run inside for the sales! Also, always use the store credit card if you have one! This will always come in handy.

Warnings! : If you’ve been waiting in line for hours and a friend wants to cut you, DO NOT LET THEM! This will really bother the people who were waiting behind you and cause an argument or altercation that you could have avoided! So tell your friend to kindly “kick rocks”. Mind your manners and be sure not to be so aggressive with other shoppers! It’s probably going to be the middle of the night and other people are just as cranky as you. Getting into a fight or argument will not only kill time but it may even get you kicked out! You don’t want to risk your chances of losing this sale. Another thing, check for return policies! You want to make sure you are able to return clothing in case you’re buying it as a gift or you change your mind about the item. If there is a “no return” policy then go with accessories, lotions or one sized items to gift instead! And do not forget the gift receipts!!

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