The Best & Worst of Miley Cyrus!

As crazy as Miley Cryus blossomed this year, she has made her way to the top of everyone’s conversation! Whether people are bashing her VMA performance or praising her for her new single, she has been 2013’s most talked about person! She’s crazy, beautiful, and smart but most of all she has the craziest sense of fashion. She’s either walking the streets with a sexy and vintage look or she’s appearing at events with the worst get-up. Let’s face it, whether we’re hating on her or loving her she still continues to have no shame in her game and we applaud her for that! Go Miley!

Now, let’s start off with her worst looks of the year. We cannot turn away or forget about her notorious and raunchy performance at the 2013’s Video Music Awards! Miley started off dancing in a teddy bear costume then ripped it off and showed of her bangin’ body in this Two Piece Nude outfit. What was not so bangin’ was her butt eating away at those underwear bottoms! The picture to the right made headlines for weeks! It was on everyone’s newsfeed, twitter and Facebook. Her outfit was the final touch to her crazy performance!

Here we have Miley at two different events that she attended. These outfits scream Hoochie Mama!! She looks like she just stepped off the set of pretty women and made an appearance at an event. Sorry, Miley, but these outfits are a huge “NO” in our book!

Let’s move away from the bad and start with her greatest! These three casual looks really show Miley’s sense of style and personality. The picture to the left shows her sporty yet girly side. She pulls off a sexy look with her single sole pumps while still repping her favorite basketball team! The outfit in the middle shows her love for vintage wear. She mentioned in her documentary “Miley Cyrus: The Movement” that she loves styling herself with vintage clothes. Whether it’s her dad’s old Versace blouses or wearing old high waisted denim shorts like the ones above, she adores these looks! This outfit is retro and sexy all in one and she did an amazing job rocking it. The photo to the left shows her chic side. The slicked hair, red lips and leather top looks stunning on her! She adds her own spunky touch to it by adding silver platforms to this look.

I believe these are her best red carpet looks of 2013! Both of the pictures to the left are both chic and sexy. They both show off the right amount of skin and give her a little curvy illusion to her sides. She does an amazing job at rocking those red lips with her two toned outfits! The two pictures to the right show her glamour side. The white dress is absolutely stunning on her and the backless look is the perfect touch to this sexy and slimming dress! The picture to the right shows her at the red carpet rocking a long gown which looks so fitting and gorgeous on her! Even though her hair made her look like the raggedy doll from the “Rugrats” she still managed to pull off this gothic gown!

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