Our skin has got to be the most important thing a girl can take good care of! Not only because it’s good hygiene but because it’s the first thing a person sees when meeting you. That planet, Mars, on your nose is the last thing you want people to notice when passing by you. It embarrassing! So let’s say goodbye to dry skin, redness and zits and give a huge welcome to your soon to be Flawless Features. For some it’s not easy maintaining a clean and healthy face because of a hectic schedule or budget crisis but that all ends today! I will be giving the best tips on keeping your skin healthier than ever while keeping a small budget. And the best part is that it won’t interfere with your daily activities!

         Keep Hydrated and eat healthy! :   Break outs and acne have a lot to do with your eating habits. The more junk food you take in the more grease is in your body and pores. It’s time to throw away the Big Mac and Soda and substitute them with greens, fruits and boiled chicken or steamed fish! The healthier you eat the healthier you’ll start looking and feeling! Another tip to getting rid of dry skin is staying hydrated. A woman needs at least 2.2 liters of water a day (9cups), which isn’t all that bad. Getting rid of soda completely will not only help your skin but you can also lose a lot of weight from doing so.

         Keep Your skin safe:   Keep your skin away from the sun as much as possible. And if you love being outdoors then remember to use a moisturizer with SPF in it! The sun can leave a lot of damages to the face including redness and brown sunspots. Sun Spots are also the hardest to get rid of so keep that in mind whenever you’re too lazy to apply SPF moisturizer! Another thing, keep your face away from strong scented soaps because it can strip needed oils from your face. Soaps are rarely ok to wash your face with so try and keep away from this task. Also, scented lotion is not good for the face either. Sticking to the regular face moisturizer is best!

         Manage Stress:   Not only is stress a bummer but it also causes you to break out dramatically. Try and relieve your stress by working out or doing yoga! If you don’t have time to join those classes then you can also try a stress ball or listening to soothing music! It’s always important to keep stress free not only for your skin but for your health as well.

         At Home Facial Recipes:   Face washers and moisturizers can be very expensive! The best way to substitute this is to create your own at home face washes. It’s easy, cheap and you know exactly what’s going in your face washes before applying them on. Not only is it convenient but it’s all organic and natural! You can check out some at home facial recipes on our recent blog “Homemade Facial Recipes”!

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