Juicing is a great way to take in your needed fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. It’s great for anything like weight loss and cleansing, it even lowers your risk of cancer! Juicing has come to be such a popular and easy thing to do that so many people turn to this as their way of staying healthy. Whether it’s taking in one shot of wheat grass a week or juicing as daily meals, it has a lot of advantages to the body and immune system. It spreads vitamins and minerals throughout the body for it to absorb quickly which is perfect for a healthier immune system. It also spreads out enzymes which makes it easier for the body to break down the fluids the body is taking in. This is a great benefit for the lungs and kidneys! Not only does juicing do wonders for the immune system but it also does miracles with hair, skin and even acne! Juicing fruits and vegetables allows the body to take in and break down more vitamins than someone would when having to eat it eat instead because of how much juicing breaks down the portions size. So because of the massive amount of vitamins and minerals the body is taking in, it helps improve skin cells and hair growth. Here are a couple recipes that focus more on the immune system, hair growth or complexion

Immune system

The immune system needs a constant dose of vitamin c! The vitamin c helps fight off infections and help the white blood cells function properly. This leads to a natural healthy immune system. So having oranges and even carrots in your juicing diets will help a lot in this region.


     2 apples (medium sized)
     14 carrots (medium sized)
     2 oranges (small sized)

Hair Growth

A healthy diet is always necessary when trying to improve hair growth since it does start from the inside of your body. Cucumber is high in silica which is a major factor when trying to improve hair growth!


     Half a cucumber
     4 Large carrots
     1 Apple

Improved Complexion

Cucumbers do an amazing job at improving complexion! Since cucumbers are 90% water, they help hydrate the skin. All the other minerals and vitamins in cucumber are said to help improve in radiance and healthy skin!


     2 cucumbers
     1 apple

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