Sweater Dresses

Cold season is here which means it’s time to put away those cute shorts and whip out some cozy outfits! I know it’s hard to put away the cute little dresses but there is no need to worry because sweater dresses have come to the rescue! They’re cute, sexy comfy and warm which is perfect for the fall and winter! Sweater dresses come in all different styles and colors. There is a sweater dress for every style out there. Whether you’re urban, boho, preppy to even grunge; sweater dresses can fit any girl and their taste. There are several key points and tips when wearing sweater dresses! Especially when trying to find a sweater dress to fit a certain body shape.

How to find the right sweater dress for your body type:

It’s always good to find a dress that ends at mid thigh; this gives an illusion of longer legs! Women with pear shapes need to focus more on finding a sweater dress that slims the lower half of the body. Square necks and V-necks are also great for busty women. Women with an apple shape should focus more on sliming the waist. Belts or dresses with an empire waist line are perfect when trying to slim down the waist. For women with more of a straight body shape need to focus on creating a curve in their mid area. A wrap dress is perfect when trying to create a curvy figure! If you have broad shoulders or bigger arms, try and stay away from sweater dresses that have a lot of sequence detailing around the sleeves. You want to take attention away from that area.

How to style sweater dresses:

Thigh high or knee high heeled boots are amazing with sweater dresses! The boots help give a taller look and a slimmer physique when wearing a sweater dress. This look can be styled with a satchel purse and a floppy hat! If you want to tone it down a little you can pair a looser sweater dress with some thigh high or knew high socks and some combat boots! You can add a long and simple necklace with a beanie to finish off this look! If you rather just cover your whole legs then you can pair up a sweater dress with some leggings and some riding boots! Either look is cute, trendy and incredibly comfy!

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