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Thigh High boots have become the ultimate favorite this fall! Celebrities like Kim Kardashian to Ciara have been seen rocking thigh high boots! They’re just enough sexy and trendy for any fall outfit. The best part of the trend is that you can get them here at at amazing prices! You are sure to end up with an incredible deal with our daily sales! Thigh High boots have become such a popular item in the fall and winter so bring out your inner Femme Fetale and get your hands on some of our AMI thigh high boots!

Even though thigh high boots are To Die For items, there are a lot of Do’s and Don’ts when it comes down to styling them! Yes, they’re amazing and gorgeous but if you pair it with the wrong item the whole outfit can go downhill

Do’s: Thigh high boots are both very sexy and trendy so you do want to pair it with a short and slimming dress or skirt! This gives an illusion of longer and thinner legs. And of course you want to throw either a pea coat or a cardigan over that dress or skirt to finish off the look! You can also pair thigh high boots with leggings and a blouse or a graphic t-shirt that goes past the butt area. Styling leggings are a little tricky so the key to it is to always wear a top that will cover the bottom area. Since the thigh high boots are styled to be so high, you want to try and wear bottoms that are as thin as leggings. They can also be paired with high waisted and thin pants! This way you can have the comfort of wearing bottoms that are as thin as leggings without having to style it with a long length top! Skater skirts are also a favorite when styling with thigh high boots!

Don’ts: It can be tricky when styling thigh high boots! You don’t want to pair them with a skirt or dress that goes past the top of the boot. Thigh high boots are meant to be shown with any outfit, not hidden! You also don’t want to pair these boots with see through leggings and a crop top!! This is to revealing and not classy. It’s best not to style thigh high boots with graphic leggings or leggings with too much sequence or detailing! Thigh high boots are already making a statement, if you wear statement leggings it will just look like a circus threw up on your legs. Jeans are always great to pair with thigh high boots but a thick material will have you feeling very uncomfortable since the boots are meant to go up so high! The thinner the jeans, the better!

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