Pairing up the right jacket with a certain look can be a little tricky sometimes. What you need to remember is that every style is meant for a different look! Outerwear can vary from all different types of styles, colors and patterns. Since the cold seasons are here, it’s the perfect time to mix and match your jackets and sweaters with the right outfit!

  1. Pea Coats! They’re trendy, warm and can go with both a day and night look! If you want to go with a sexy look you can pair a Pea coat with a sexy and short dress along with a pair of thigh high heeled boots. An amazing way to finish this look is to add a floppy hat with a necklace and ring of your choice. For a more cozy and toned down look you can wear a Pea Coat with a pair of black leggings, blouse or tee, and a pair of booties! A scarf or a beanie would finish this look perfectly!
  2. Jackets of any kind is always a necessity year around! They can vary from sexy leather jackets to chic and fitted blazers. Leather jackets are perfect for both day and night look. They can be styled with a pair of skinny jeans, a blouse and a pair of high heels! A sheer scarf and some rings would be a cute touch to this outfit. Tweed jackets are more for a sophisticated and bold look! It’s always best to pair a tweed jacket with soft toned colors underneath. Tweed is already a bold material so try your best not to pair it up with any more patterns or brighter colors. Another chic and sophisticated jacket is a blazer! A blazer is perfect for a day look, both in the office or out shopping! It can be worn with a pencil skirt, blouse and pumps as an office look or a pair of skinny jeans, a blouse and some single sole heels for a girl’s day out! You can include jewelry and a cute clutch or purse to finish off either look!
  3. And lastly, we have the famous cardigans! Cardigans have always been around to make a statement. We have the simple and cute open front cardigans, the long and straight cardigan and the long and draped cardigans! Cardigans mostly pair perfectly with jeans and a shirt. A lot of the times you can pair the long and draped cardigans with a pair of leggings instead! Boots and booties go amazing with cardigans along with floppy hats and simple jewelry!
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