One Hot Halloween Party: Achieve The Perfect Combination of Scary, Fun & Sexy

Halloween is on a Thursday this year – the best Halloween weekday we all could ask for. Unlike Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, Thursdays are sexy. Excited for the weekend, we hit parties and bars with our friends without worry of the Friday workday ahead.

The Thursday Halloween 2013 falls on isn’t going to be any ordinary Thursday though.

Right here, right now, we’re challenging you to throw the hottest Halloween party in your area. It’s going to be the party everyone talks about for weeks after and reminisces about at Halloween parties in future years. Whether you’re a guy or gal, here’s how you make a Halloween party scary, fun and sexy.

Men Dress as Sinners, Ladies Dress as Sexy Saints

At the sexiest Halloween parties, there’s always an obvious paradox: saintly and sinful. Men paint their faces with gouges and blood while women remain clean and pure, dressed in high skirts, low tops and high heels. Although this female fashion may seem sinful to some, on Halloween, it’s utterly saintly. For women, dressing any other way is a sin at a party where sexy is mandatory.

Some sexy female Halloween costumes include:

• Aphrodite, the goddess of love • Pocahontas, queen of the tribe • Police Sergeant, Officer Sheila B. Naughty

Some scary Halloween costumes for men include:

• Dracula, vampire of Transylvania • Zombie, the walking dead • Devil, the merciless sinner

For men, getting ready for Halloween is a bit more time-consuming, considering the make-up some of the costumes require. Women, on the other hand, have it fairly easy. If you buy a sexy Halloween costume, you’ll see that many are effortless.

Have Unexpected Guests and/or Deadly Doormen

Here’s a way to scare the crap out of your party guests and make Halloween 2013 unforgettable. Although seemingly simple, it deserves a well thought-out plan to work correctly. It also helps if you have someone who knows how to act.

When people are least expecting it, have the people you hired (your friends) do something unexpected to scare your guests. Maybe they break in through the window (if you can afford to replace your window) chasing people with bladeless chainsaws or cut the power to the house and use instruments to make apocalyptic sounds.

In addition to doing this, also have “greeters” at the door who scare girls with buzzing, bladeless chainsaws. Have them rev the chainsaws, give chase and create some Halloween scream.

Keep Tales of the Crypt Constantly Running

If you never watched this show growing up, you’re probably all too normal in your older adult life. Tales of the Crypt aired in the 90’s and depicted disturbing stories – crazy, gross, scary and unimaginable. Hosted by a skinny skeleton, these stories were the perfect evil escape.

If you don’t have Tales of the Crypt already, go and buy it for cheap on Amazon or another online store. Not only will it create a spooky vibe in your house, but people who need a small break from the action will have the opportunity to enjoy themselves with a disturbing tale. This is a way to keep even the couch-sitters in the Halloween spirit.

Other options include shows like The Walking Dead and movies like The Shining and House of 1,000 Corpses.

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