Three Essential Rules For Picking The Right Clubbing Outfit

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Is there anything more agonizing than picking out the perfect outfit for the club? They say that if you got it flaunt it, and you know that you definitely have the perfect body for flaunting, you’re just looking for the right clothes to show it off. Having a closet full of hot club dresses can be a problem at a time like this, but you can get the right outfit if you follow the do’s and don’ts of dressing for a night out.

Club Don’t: Showing off too much skin

You know that you need to flaunt it, but showing too much skin can give you a look that you don’t want. Clothing that’s too revealing doesn’t just give off the wrong message; it could also lead to a very embarrassing wardrobe malfunction on the dance floor. You can still dress to impress, but instead of letting at all hang out…

Club Do: Show off one body part you want to flaunt

Do you have fantastic legs that you want to showcase tonight? Show them off with a cute mini dress and sexy stilettos. Do you have curves to die for? Find something form fitting so you can make jaws drop when you work it on the dance floor. When you focus on showing off your favorite features, you’ll feel and sexy and confident the entire night out.

Club Don’t: Wearing shoes you can’t walk in

There is an ongoing dilemma for women who love cute shoes but hate being uncomfortable. The 4 inch heels you have would go perfectly with your dress, but the thought of wobbling around the club while your friends dance the night away makes you nervous. There is a way for you to wear the shoes you want while looking and feeling fabulous, all you have to do is…

Club Do: Practice walking in shoes before you go out

They always say that practice makes perfect, and if you want to wear your shoes and still be able to comfortably walk you should give them a test run before the big night out. Strut around your apartment in your favorite pair of heels for a few minutes so that you can get a feel for them. See how they feel after you’ve been walking around for a while, and see if you need to buy some inserts to add some comfort.

Club Don’t: Wearing too much jewelry

They say that accessories make the outfit, but you don’t need to put on your entire jewelry box for a night out. If you wear too much jewelry your outfit will look too weighed down, and you also risk losing some of your favorite pieces at the club. If you want to wear jewelry when you’re out, make sure you…

Club Do: Pick one piece of showy piece of jewelry to wear

Instead of piling on the bling when you go to the club, pick one piece to wear that you think really accentuates your outfit. Just having one accent piece can tie your outfit together, and people will applaud your put together yet simple outfit.

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