Boy Shorts, Costumes and Sluts, Oh My!


With Halloween a little over a month away, now is the time to start picking out the perfect outfit; Halloween costumes for women can be tricky at times if you are looking to stand out. Fortunately, we have a few of our favorite suggestions below in order to help you find your “inner slut”. Take a look and let us know what you think about these costumes!

– Sexy Russian Soldier Costume

For the motherland! For glory! For the free alcoholic drinks! Our Russian Soldier costume is sure to be a hit at any event, especially at outdoor Halloween parties. With the sexy appeal of a woman in uniform, as well as the grey and red trim of the Sleeping Bear’s elite, no one will be able to summon up the courage to resist your authority; drinks on the house! *AK-47 not included!

– Sexy Bat Costume

Is fighting crime in your blood? Do you believe in the powers of truth, justice and tight leather? Our sexy bat costume could be the perfect fit for you. Superheroes are in right now; there are many movies that have recently been in theaters, so why not show everyone that you are the one that should be in theaters? This amazing polyester and spandex cat suit, complete with a belt, cropped vest and ears, will have criminals running for cover and fans lining up for autographs. Check it out today!

– Leopard Print Kitty Cat Boy Short Costume

Channel your inner crazy cat lady with this super-hot leopard print outfit. When wearing this costume for Halloween, you are the treat; whether it is club-hopping or hanging out with your friends at the hottest parties, this sensual two-piece outfit will have every man fist-fighting for your attention. The best part is that there is a kitty face and ears on the rear of the boy shorts; as you walk away from admirers, a smile crosses your face as you know you have the sexiest Halloween costume available.

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