Curvy Girl on the Town

TGIFFFFFFFF!!!!! I am currently at work, and as I’m waiting for the clock to strike 5 pm I can’t help but ponder about what I’m going to where this evening. Tonight will be my first date with this new hot guy I met and I’m uber excited. He informed me that I should prepare myself for an evening of “Unadulterated Refinement”. My subconscious screamed “What to wear, What to wear” so as I’m scheming through my closet of all my options in my mind…… It comes to me!!! I ordered this really hot snake print dress off of it hugs my curves in all the right places and its super trendy with a sophisticated sexy flare. I am going to pair it with my nude colored pumps, a gold necklace and clutch.

Lastly, for every fitted dress every woman should wear a pair of shape wear underneath (Can also be purchased on

Shape wear keeps the tummy tight and exaggerates your curves, Kim Kardashian, Rhianna, and Beyonce are also fans of shape wear. So it’s finally 5 pm ladies and its time to leave the office and get ready for tonight.

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