Hang Over Prevention (For your Girl’s Night Out)

Have you had a rough night out on the town? Sure..you start the night off looking hot in that little sexy dress, the heels…the hair done to perfection..the whole SHEBANG!

After 4 drinks bought from that dapper man who gets more handsome by each drink he buys, you get whisked away by your posse who saves you from a mistake you might have made later that night. Unfortunately, you all head to a friend’s house party where your heels come off and you suddenly become the CHAMPION of Beer Pong. But, since you’re not a beer girl, you decide that shots of Vodka are a better choice for the game…yeah…

Might I suggest “Hang Over Prevention” to END your night? It’s Called “Mercy” It’s a cute can with a little Angel on it:

Their Promise:
“It’s all about glutathione, your body’s most powerful antioxidant. Hard to pronounce (gloo-tah-THIGH-on), even harder to replenish when toxins from drinking take hold. Mercy delivers key nutrients needed to restore this free-radical fighter, helping you avoid morning-after [misfortune, muddle, remorse, misery]. Now, the new measure of a good night out is how great you feel the next day. Your hangover is a chemical process. Just having one glass of wine or one shot of tequila results in your body producing a nasty toxin called acetaldehyde – which is considered 30 times more dangerous than alcohol itself. That’s where Mercy comes in. Seven years in the making, Mercy’s unique blend of amino acids, antioxidants and vitamins help boost your body’s natural defenses and rid your body of acetaldehyde.” www.drinkmercy.com
How to use it:
A. Relax, Have fun, Celebrate
B. Make your last drink a can of Mercy*
C. Wake up ready to take the day on
*One for every three to five drinks (14325)
So try it out! Let the results speak for themselves, and be ready to go out have a nice morning run with your bestie and burn off any accidental “Del Taco” trips you might have taken the night before. OOPS…I always regret drunk snacking too… 😉

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