Caged In the Club

Let’s face it; when it comes to ladies and gentlemen enjoying an evening at the club, fashion reigns supreme. The atmosphere is charged with the electric stares of predator and prey, both switching sides multiple times as the evening progresses. Confidence is key when it comes to the rules of attraction, and having a red carpet-ready outfit for the club becomes paramount. A woman that knows how to dress to impress will get plenty of male attention. Choosing the right club wear doesn’t need to be a difficult decision; if you are in tune with your body, your pros and cons and have a good grasp on fashion, it is relatively simple.

Black dresses work very well in a club setting; it is a color that always seems to accentuate a woman’s body, and is the perfect match for almost any pair of heels. For example, a black pleated ruffle dress that wraps around the neck would be a perfect combination with a dazzling necklace, and heels that wrap all the way up the calves. It would bring redefine sexy and bring your look to an entirely new level.

Another route to take is a white dress, since the human eye is naturally drawn to white. White surfaces reflect about eighty percent of light, while the color black only reflects around five percent. If you want an attention boost directly relating to science, try a white rhinestone décor mini dress. Tantalizingly cut at one shoulder, with a mock neck and rhinestone décor, it will show you off like a thousand-watt light bulb to the masses.

Whatever club wear you decide to wear, make sure that you ultimately choose something that fits your needs perfectly; it doesn’t make any sense to go with a specific trend just because it is the most popular one to date. Take the time to choose what is best for you, and your beauty will shine naturally.

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