Wedding Day Diet & Exercise Tips from a Bride to Be

Now-a-days I’m not really one to diet much. I’ve done it before and had taken it a little bit too extreme. What did I end up with? Being boyishly skinny at 109 lbs, weak hair & nails, and living a life with TWO fears: scary ghosts in my house and carbohydrates. (Yes, those are two weird fears). Those days of dieting scarred me for life causing me to binge eat for a few years and gaining weight easily since my metabolism had been use to having close to nothing for so long. I shot up to about 139 lbs, which left me at a size medium. It’s leveled out since then, and my weight has slowly come off and I’m now just a regular 122 lbs at 5’7″.

Let’s just say hard core dieting ISN’T for me anymore. Luckily, I have a very fast paced life and I’m always moving around–so I am naturally thin (not toned, just thin) without trying. However, some of my eating habits consisted of 1500 calories a day of dollar menu items from McDonald’s and other fast food places of the sort (No I’m not proud…I just enjoy sleeping in every morning instead of preparing a lunch). But now that my wedding is just 37 days away, my finance and I are toning up and slimming down for the big day! I just want to share my tips with people out there who are like me, and need some LEVEL thinking instead of starving themselves. That life only leads to road rage and crankiness.

Make interesting Healthy Meals
Sticking to just Chicken and veggies will lead to failure. Similarly, eating the SAME food regimen every day will cause boredom, and I know I cave right away when I get bored of boring healthy food. I FIND reasons to eat bad foods:”Oh…it’s her Birthday! Oh! It’s Friday Night! Oh, this is our FAVORITE TV Show, we need to have WINE and SNACKS!” Once I cave, I just give up altogether. Instead, we’ve stocked the fridge with all sorts of proteins and have collected fun recipes to cook together throughout the week. Cooking together in the kitchen with your significant other can help you both stay on track and have fun. And yes…we reward ourselves with a glass of wine.

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