First Date Tips

First dates with a guy are a compilation of a girl’s happiest moments and worst nightmares.

“What do I wear? How should I act? Does he pay for dinner? Should I pay for dinner? Do we split the bill? IS HE THE FUTURE FATHER OF MY 3 KIDS WE’RE GOING TO HAVE (Lily, Jasper, & Jeremiah)… What if he thinks that I’m stupid? What if I am stupid? Do I look fat in this?!”

Okay..okay…ENOUGH with the insecure questioning…and please don’t start planning your future life yet (that’s psycho). If HE is the one who has asked YOU out on a date in the first place, then obviously you have some qualities that he likes. Focus on those qualities, and embellish them with tasteful & chic but a tad sexy clothing. Hopefully he isn’t asking you on a date specifically because of your looks alone, but it doesn’t hurt to look like a gorgeous and put together woman! Just follow my tips on what to wear:

1. Dress in something you KNOW is going to the best fitting for your body, and something that you can wear all night (because you never know how first dates go!)

  • Don’t wear that teeny tiny clubbing dress that you can’t even bend over in…he will get the WRONG idea.
  • Don’t wear those heels that you can only walk in for 1 hour. Try a nice wedge or cute flats
  • Make sure what ever it is you put on at least matches up with the date! IE: Going to a Carnival? Throw on a Romper a cute handbag and comfy shoes. Dinner? Wear a pretty high low chiffon dress and statement necklace or a flowy blouse with a cute black pencil skirt & pair your outfit with your BEST Fragrance (just don’t over spray or he will choke).

2. Be a bit of a Tease

  • Being a tease does not mean you have to be means you have the power to give your man a hard time about little things you know he’s extra confident about. IE: My fiance loves the fact that he’s Mr. Funny Man…but I can outwit him.
  • Keep a little mystery about your life. Don’t tell him your life story with in 15 minutes of your date. That’s super unattractive, and overwhelming…a tease IS NOT ever overwhelming.
  • Make him ask you questions…be a little coy, and ask him a lot of questions in return…

3. Be the BEST version of YOU (he can deal with the PMS side of you after he is in love).

  • I’m not sure if this is bad advice, or FABULOUS advice, but I always hear people saying, OH JUST BE YOURSELF. But I think you have to be yourself on your BEST behavior. Don’t be too comfortable with him from the very first date…that is WEIRD. Especially if it’s a guy who you don’t know very well.
  • Obviously if you’re the girl who’s the class clown, loud, and a bit obnoxious…that is YOU…but it can be taken the wrong way if a guy is just meeting you. So try to tone that down, and slowly bring in your zany humor over time. I’m CRAZY…but I try not to show that to people all at once…After they get to know me, they realize that I’m a lunatic, but they appreciate it because they understand my sense of humor over time.

All in all, look your best, feel your best, and make sure to just BE your best! Clothing doesn’t make a woman who she is…but first date outfits can DEFINITELY affect the mood!

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