Keeping Up with the Burgundy Trend this Fall

As we see the once green leaves turn into yellows, oranges, and reds, the fashion runways also assume the rich colors of fall. And one such hue that seems to have dominated the fashion runways this season is burgundy. That deep oxblood red hue is seen in many fashion shows this season, and quite frankly, such a commanding color is a welcome change from the summer’s fun and overly bright tones. Others are bold enough to say that burgundy has become “the new black” this fall. One way or another, there’s actually truth to burgundy being “the new black”. Why? Because burgundy is actually red deepened and darkened with black. And this half-truth only means you can infuse this color easily into your everyday wardrobe, even in your work clothes. What you have to remember though is to stick to the colors that match burgundy well. You don’t really want to look as if you’ve decided to go for the “color wheel” theme all of a sudden. Mixing and matching burgundy with the right tones is the key. So what tones complement the burgundy hue well?

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