Rock Those Plum Lips This Fall!

Yes, we know how hard it is to part ways with summer and the coral lips trend that we’ve grown to love so much, but all those have got to go. This fall, beauty and makeup is all about all drama and power, and the lips are not an exception.

Like these Hollywood hotties, you too can pull off the plush fall color that is plum. It doesn’t matter what skin tone you have. Just pick the perfect shade. If you have a lighter skin tone, stay with the brighter or darker shades of plum and avoid the mid-tones. For the ladies with medium skin tones, lucky you because you can wear whatever shade of plum you like! And finally, to our dark-skinned sisters, stick to the mid-tones and deeper shades. Wear the right shade of plum and you’ll soon forget about those summery coral-colored lipsticks you thought you’d never get rid of.

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