The Little Red Party Dress Reigns for Fall 2012

The LBDs (Little Black Dresses) and LWDs (Little White Dresses) are always the classic party dresses to turn to when there’s a party event. There’s no going wrong when you have your classic staples in your wardrobe. But when we say LBD or LWD, we sometimes think of dresses that bow to a certain convention. They’re the type of dresses that call attention to themselves (ultimately to you) in a subtle way. Which is well and good, if you want to blend in with a certain classic elegance.

But there are a lot of times when you want to stand out. Not like some sort of sore thumb. But like a sparkling jewel in the midst of conventional elegance. Think, exotic orchid thriving among the long-stemmed roses. When this mood hits you, there’s no other dress that will give you the attention you crave more than the LRD (Little Red Dress)! We have compiled a number of LRD looks from celebrities to confirm what you’re thinking by now: the LRD (Little Red Dress) is fall’s ultimate party dress!

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