The House of Blues Los Angeles

If you are a lover of music or just looking for an awesome place to hangout, look no further than the House of Blues.

The House of Blues is a legendary chain of concert halls and restaurants with venues in major US markets. The first House of Blues venue was opened in 1992 by Isaac Tigrett at Cambridge, Massachusetts. It was initially financed by, among others, Aerosmith, Dan Aykroyd, James Belushi, Paul Shaffer, the late River Phoenix, and Harvard University. The original location has since ceased operations but several other venues were established over the years across the United States.

For almost 20 years, the House of Blues has become (and continues to be) a major stop for touring bands. It also features up-and-coming bands that are looking to earn some cred and get signed by a record label. The House of Blues also features established and up-and-coming DJs.

The House of Blues in Los Angeles is located in the heart of West Hollywood. The famous shabby-chic exterior of the venue is hard to miss. It is covered in tin from a gin mill located just 500 feet away from the Delta crossroads – the area where, as stories go, legendary blues musician Robert Johnson made a pact with the Devil. It may not look like it from the outside, but the House of Blues’ interior is quite spacious. The interior is fitted with wood furnishings, including chairs, tables and railings and hardwood flooring. Here, you can also find Artworks and architectural pieces by Alan Sainte James Boudrot.

The Music Hall, as you might have guessed, is where the magic happens. Top bands and artists perform at the 30′ x 20′ foot stage to a lively crowd.

Off to the side is the Music Hall Brunch where you can hold private viewing parties, galas, or conferences. With over 30,000 square feet of floor space and 3 separate levels with rooms in a variety of sizes; the Music Hall Banquet is the ideal place to hold huge or intimate gatherings.

The House of Blues’ porch area is the best place to enjoy the special menu created by Chef Aaron Sanchez. The Crossroads at the House of Blues features Delta-inspired American cuisine with a contemporary twist and flavor influences from all around the world. Whet your appetite with the tasty Voodoo Shrimp or the delicious Chicken wings tossed in one of three homemade sauces. Dine on American classics like slow cooked St. Louis Ribs rubbed with adobo spice and smothered in smoked tomato BBQ sauce.

For the ultimate in exclusivity, the House of Blues features the Foundation Room. Nine of the chain’s thirteen venues feature this members’ only area. At the House of Blues Los Angeles, the Foundation Room is divided into 5 areas and is designed to channel an Indian palace.

The Foundation Room Lounge boasts swanky velvet couches, an extensive wine collection, plus live entertainment.

If you need a break from the loud music coming from the Music Hall, the Prayer Room offers a relaxing, serene, and intimate environment. Both the Buddha and Ganesh rooms feature Indian tapestries and artifacts from historical places.

The Captain’s Room is an elegant dining area with mahogany furnishings and upholstered chairs. It is the perfect place for intimate gatherings. For a unique yet warm place to hang out in, take to the Parish Room. An extension of the Foundation Room, it is adorned with Persian carpets, hand-made German mahogany furniture and antique Indian temple screens.

The City Lights is divided into two gorgeous dining areas. The open-air dining table can accommodate up to 6 guests for that definitive private dining experience. The closed dining area on the other hand offers an unparalleled 120-degree panoramic view of the Los Angeles skyline.

For the best musical experience LA has to offer, come to the House of Blues!

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