What Men Really Want in Bed

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Men love sex, but it’s not just getting laid they want. They want mind-blowing sex. Yes, demanding right? But you ladies must aim to please. And if you want to really please him, better take note of what men really want in bed.

Do some touchy feely. Don’t be afraid to touch yourself while he looks on. Men love it when women know how to please themselves just like they do. Touching yourself also lets him know where you want it and how you want it. It’s letting him know your erogenous points, and what better way to let him know than by showing him. If he wants to please himself in front of you as foreplay, then by all means let him. Watch him intently and smile devilishly at him. That ought to keep the excitement growing.

Blow him away. Take him in your mouth and let your tongue, lips, and even teeth give him the most mind-blowing experience ever. While you’re at it, glance up and meet his gaze every now and then, and flash him a devilish grin. Let him know that you’re enjoying it like he does. If you find it hard to take his full length in your mouth, use your hands to assist you in the action. Suck as you go but don’t overdo it. If his full length is already in your mouth, then forget about suction. Men prefer that you swallow, but if you can’t do it, let him know right away. Don’t change tactics when you’re already at it. Spitting will prove to be a major buzz kill.
Rub beyond his erogenous part. Yes, his length is his most erogenous part and rubbing it can surely blow his brains out, but it’s important that you touch him elsewhere too. Run the tips of your fingers delicately up and down his back. Doing so not only feels pleasurable for him, but it’s also one sexy way of telling him that you do care.
Be more “bed-venturous”. Be more open-minded in bed. Don’t simply say no if he wants to do something different or unconventional. Be honest if going anal is something that’s not quite up your alley. But if he’s up for a little role playing or some adventure with handcuffs or blindfold, try and do it. Share his enthusiasm and don’t quickly laugh off or dismiss the idea.

Don’t hold back. Men love women who enjoy sex as much as they do. It’s not enough that you lie there on your back and let him do all the work. You have to put a lot of effort in it too. If you love to be on top, then be on top. If you want it more rough, then by all means let him know. If you want to be on all fours, then just do so. Enough with the talk and just show him what you want.

Talk dirty. Men love it when women talk dirty. Just refrain from calling him something that’ll ruin his mood, like “daddy” or whatever nickname you can come up with. Use words that’ll make his brains run wild like “wet”. And don’t be afraid to moan. Let him know that you’re loving it just like he does. Men are such insatiable creatures when it comes to bed. So ladies, you must aim to please as he aims to please you. Give your men a mind-blowing ‘sexperience’ and show them that you too fully enjoy the pleasure and satisfaction of a hot and steamy sex.

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