Top 5 Exciting Trends for Fall

Probably three of my previous articles focused on the hottest trends and fashion for fall this year. One’s about accessories and the other two about back-to-school trends. But what I haven’t really done is give you the top fashion trends for this year’s fall season. Well, the wait is finally over, because here are the top 5 exciting trends for fall.

Peplum dress

Yes, peplums are definitely back, and I say “back” because they were popular during the ‘40s and again during the ‘80s. And just when you think it’s going to take another 40 years before they make a comeback, well surprise, surprise! They’re now back in style. Actually, they were a hit right around this spring and summer, but the trendy colors just a few months back were more on the bright and neon types. This fall though, peplum dresses are still hot commodity, but expect fashionistas to wear more dramatic styles. Most will mainly be in metallic and sheer fabric with dark and earthy tones such as gold, brown, gray, navy blue, and burgundy. And since brocade is hot this fall, you may also see some brocade peplum dresses. Yes, brocade and yes, so ‘40s chic!

Oversized coats

They say the bigger the better, so that’s probably why oversized coats are in this fall. Nothing could be as dramatic and theatrical as oversized coats. It’s as if the persona of today’s working woman has made a complete turn. Apparently, it’s time to toss those form-fitting clothes back in the closet and opt for some oversized coats paired with those wide leg or billowing
pants. Big and beautiful coats have become one of the hottest trends this season, and many designers have already created their own versions. Some used gripping prints, while others infused their designs with military elements.
Wide leg pants
Ah yes, it’s time to toss your skinny jeans back in the closet and choose something more comfy, one that will give your legs a breather. And these are wide leg pants, which are definitely a top trend this season. Your best bet would be the soft, flowy, and billowing trousers that are often designed with tailored details and sharp pleats. Pair them with structured tops and jackets and do accessorize with belts. The boys won’t probably appreciate the absence of curves because of all these big clothes, but hey, this is probably where style and character will shine.
Knee high boots
Knee high boots are also the absolute top fall trend to have. They can be worn to many different occasions. They can be casual when worn with tees and jeans, formal when worn with corporate blouses and skirts, and even kinky when you want them to be (pun intended). They can exude sexiness and power at the same time, making you feel empowered and confident. And if you wear them this season, you’re just going to be a vision because they are so much in style.
Metallic shine
This season, metallic and sheer fabric, make-up, and nail polish are hot. Matt hues are a thing of the past and you must now go for the shiny, the shimmery, and the splendid. Incorporate them with other top fashion trends this fall and you’re going to look hot despite the cold fall weather. So there you have it, the top 5 most exciting trends of the fall season. If these didn’t get you excited enough to go shopping, then I don’t know what will. Fall’s definitely here, so make sure you hit your fave stores and find one that you can really rock in.
Photo Credits:
Black Brocade Peplum Dress
Gold Brocade Peplum Dress
Charlize Theron
Kate Hudson
Oversized Coats

Wide leg Pants
Knee-high Boots
(Yves Saint Laurent and Jaeger London)
Metallic Shine
(Michael Kors Fall 2012 Fashion Show. By Paula Darnell, Guide)

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