Here Comes Granny Chic Fashion for Fall 2012!

It seems fashion designers are at it again. I dare say, this is another experiment by fashion designers on how powerful their fashion influence IS over us mere mortals. The pajama look has hardly been put to rest when the granny chic look goes marching down the runways. The pajama look was all about taking the comfortable chic style to a different level, and literally slipping into sleepwear re-tailored for street wear, and worn with heels. It was a look that took off with the haute couture crowd but didn’t really reach the streets. The average Jane didn’t quite see the fashion wisdom in wearing jammies with heels when she could wear a party dress.

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  1. they should just use the same fabric but change the cut so it wont be so pajama like. maybe the same fabric with a more suitable style, something flowy and yet figure hugging.

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