Creating Your Reading Nook

If you are a bit of a bookworm or even just an occasional reader, it is nice to have a perfect spot where you could just curl up and get lost in the pages.If you haven’t got your little reading spot yet and have been forced to share a space with members of your family and put up with their distracting noises, suffer no longer. You can easily create your own quiet, little reading nook.You can create your reading nook anywhere in your house where there is a bit of space where you can sit and/or lie in comfortably. It could in your bedroom, den or study, closet or even just window seat. When you have finally found a spot in your house for your reading nook, you can get started on your project.

First make sure that the room has enough space for some furniture pieces such as an arm chair, a loveseat or a small couch; an ottoman, a small table, book case, desk or nightstand; and perhaps a little desk lamp. Once you have measured the intended spot for your reading room, you can start bringing furniture items in. Start with the chair or small couch.

Next, bring in the table, bookcase or nightstand and place it next to the chair. This will serve as a place for you to store your books and place other items such as a lamp, a few decorative pieces perhaps, and a few other important items such as your reading glasses or cups and saucers for snacks. If you are planning to make a window seat into your reading nook, you have the advantage of not having to add so many furniture pieces since you already have space built in for seating and/or lying down. You can just add maybe just a table and a lamp.Next, consider lighting. This is particularly important if you are thinking of turning a closet into a reading nook. Window seats on the other hand offer another advantage by being a source of natural light during day time (thus saving you money on electricity). A desk lamp is a good idea. You may also consider other lighting
options. Overhead lighting and floor lamps provide light to a wide expanse of you space, thus you can be sure to receive plenty of light no matter what position you like to be in when you read. Sconces are not only a good source of light they provide a cozy decorative effect to a room. Some experts suggest using a combination of light sources. After adding lighting to your reading space, it is all a matter of personalizing it. Decorate your reading nook according to your taste and personality. If you are a bit of a nature girl, a little potted plant here and there should do the trick. If you are more of the meditative type, a few scented candles and essential oils ought to do it. Do bring in few things that will add comfort to your reading nook, such as throw pillows and blanket or a quilt. Have fun reading in your little personal space!Image sources:
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