Nail Polish Trends for Fall 2012

It seems only a while ago that we were anticipating the arrival of summer. Now autumn is only a few days away. But that’s no reason to be blue. Fall offers just as many opportunities to have fun dressing up as summer. There is no need to reorganize your wardrobe right away since the weather is still a bit balmy. But it’s always nice to get a head start on the coming season’s hottest trends, starting with nail polish. Nail polish may not seem be as conspicuous as an outfit, but they can still make or break your whole look. This fall, we are leaving neons far behind. This year’s fall collections feature
strong yet feminine colors, and nail polish colors are no exception. This coming season is all about rich colors and deep, dark romantic hues. For ladies who love their neutrals, worry not. There are plenty of gorgeous neutral shades to satisfy your need for light colored polish. Do not be surprised to find earthy and Safari-inspired hues cropping up and taking center stage.
Dark and Romantic
If you are a fan of deep and romantic colors, fall is the best season to sport it. This coming season, it is all about deep shades of burgundy or richer tints of your favorite berry colors. If you are going with this trend, keep your nails short. Long nails will give dark colored nail polish either a menacing or a comical effect. Trim your nails and use a nail file to shape your nails into squares with rounded corners. Apply two coats of nail polish and finish it off with a glossy top coat.
Dark and Dramatic
Ladies who love midnight hues will certainly love one of fall’s hottest nail polish shades. Midnight blue, navy, glistening black and even, gasp, leather biker nails (courtesy of CND for The Blonds fashion show) are one of the hottest nail colors this coming Fall. Just like with dark and romantic nail polish colors, keep your nails short and square if you are going with these dark and dramatic shades to keep your nails looking elegant and avoid having scary-looking talons.
Sweet Neutrals
For lovers of all things light, feminine and neutral fall is the season to go all sweet and pretty. At least when it comes to nail color. Look for stark whites and barely-there golds to make the rounds this coming season. The colors of marshmallow with a faint blush and the earthy beauty of fading terra cotta are captured in lacquer and will surely send fans of neutral shades into a mild frenzy.
Everyday Exotic
This fall, break out of your nail polish comfort zone and try something out of the ordinary. If you have been longing to paint your nails an exotic color, fall is the best time to do it. Look for gorgeous shades of teal, purple and brown to be the hottest exotic shades this season.
Safari Inspired
Beautifully earthy hues are another hot trend this coming season. Tawny shades of yellow, brown, copper and gold make will all have you conjuring images of the Safari and far-off dessert sands. These warm, earthy shades will be a gorgeous sight to behold
in the coming colder months, but they would also be perfect for summer. Artistic Whether it’s the ombre trend (two shades of the same or similar color), reinventing the classic French Tip (try any color other than white for the tip), textured prints (think leather and lizard), and bold patterns (cosmic- and Van Gogh-inspired nail designs), look for gorgeous nail art to steal the spotlight this coming season.
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