Back-to-School Beauty Trends

Summer’s over, so say goodbye to your bright colored makeup and dark eye shadow. Now that fall season’s here and you’re going back to school, it’s time for something that’s a little bit in between summer and fall, and that means going for hues that are somewhere between bright and neutral.
For your nails, the season actually calls for patterned polish, but since that’s going to take much of your time (and you don’t want that since you’re studying), go for deep reds, navy blues, burgundies, and metallics such as gold glitters instead. They’re this season’s in-style nail polish colors. Pick the dark, lush, and glamorous tones like velvets.
These colors are better than having to settle yet again for the neutral tones which are kind of blah after last summer’s bright neon tones.
For your hair, it’s time that you embrace your curly and wavy locks. Textured waves are the in thing this season, so if you’ve got wavy hair, embrace it and keep it slightly messy and twisty. If you’ve got naturally straight hair though, go for straight, swingy, and shiny. To achieve that glossy straight hair, apply hair conditioner while bathing then once
you hair’s almost dry, iron it out for that glossy and silky look. Friends with Benefits star Mila Kunis here shows how she can rock both the textured wavy hair and the silky straight hair. Either way, she looks stunning.
For your brows, you want them strong and defined, just like how Jennifer Connelly wears her brows. Her brows however look somewhat unkempt but she still manages to pull them off as they are, after all, what define her face and what make her beauty standout. She still looks stunning despite her bushy brows,
kinda like Brooke Shields back in the days. Your brows however must still look clean and groomed. Pluck your stray eyebrow hairs then fill in the sparse or thin areas with your brow pencil. Go for brown toned eyebrow pencils.
For your eyes, choose eye shadows with jewel tones. The idea is to achieve smokey eyes but avoiding the usual earth tones like brown and grays. You still want a pop of color on your eyes so go for those with jewel-like tones like sapphire, emerald, turquoise, jade, and amethyst. Take your cue from celebs digging the jewel-toned eye shadow like Tia Mowry and Hayden Panettiere.
For your cheeks, you want them with natural but pinkish flush – rosy cheeks, if you must, just like Leighton Meester here who looks so alluring with that sultry look and those pinkish cheeks. Choose pinkish blush-on makeup that will go well with your skin color. If you’re darker skinned like Rihanna, apply cool pink or plum colored blush-ons to the apple of your cheeks. Balance it out for a more natural look.
For your lips, you want them fuller with deep reds and velvets. Use deep, lush red and wine lipsticks just like Megan Fox here who looks foxy as ever with those wine-colored lips. Ruby red lipsticks also make great, fuller, and stronger lips just like Gwen Stefani’s. Such strong red lips will shine against the backdrop of neutrally colored clothing this fall, but will go well with the pop of color from your accessories.
This back-to-school season, it’s all about finding the balance between the bright colors of summer, and the neutral tones of fall. Follow these beauty tips and you’ll look hot and trendy as you gear up for all the fun and adventure that is the school life.
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Burgundy nail polish with gold
Patterned Nail Polish
Mila Kunis with Wavy Hair
Mila Kunis with Straight Hair
Jennifer Connelly
Brooke Shields

Tia Mowry
Hayden Panettiere
Leighton Meester
Gwen Stefani
Megan Fox

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