Back-to-School Fashion Dos and Don’ts

School can be predictable, but it doesn’t have to be. It can be fun and exciting, especially if you think of the new classmates you’ll get to meet and those parties you’ll soon be having. It’s also cool to know that you’ll be spending a lot of time with your old friends again and show them how fun you are with your unique character and sense of style. And speaking of style, back-to-school fashion is a hot topic these days. And if like others you’re finding shopping grueling, it’ll probably be much easier for you if you know what’s hot and what’s not. Here are some of the dos and don’ts of this year’s back-to-school fashion.
It’s understandable if you’re sort of in this transition mode from summer to fall, but don’t take it out on your sense of style. Never wear socks with sandals please, especially if you’re wearing open-toe sandals. If you’d like to wear something that’s in between, go for ankle boots instead. They’re hot this fall. And since they’re quite versatile, you can wear them with shorts, pants, or even skirts.
Keep your toning sneakers or Crocs and just save them for next summer. Your friends and neighbors have seen enough of them, so make way for something new – something hotter and sexier like knee-high boots, color-blocked shoes, or even bejeweled flats.
Pair neons with neutrals, and this means wearing colored jeans, leggings, or sneakers then pairing them with neutrally toned tops and jackets for that balanced look.
Accessorize with belts and scarves. These are the safest summer-to-fall transition pieces you can wear. Admit it – you’ve been super
comfy in your baby tees last summer so it’s going to be tough to let them go, so good thing you can still wear them. Just spice them up with some printed scarves. Tribal and animal prints are hot. Just be careful with the color choice though. Multi-hued scarves will only work if you’re wearing plainly colored tees.
Puffed shoulder jackets are back in trend this fall. So for school, you can wear your puffed shoulder jacket with your dark colored skinnies and your fave boots. Bomber jackets – those great all-weather casual jackets – are also in. Wear them to school with a pair of dark boot cut jeans then accessorize with chunky earrings to create a more feminine look.
Just when you thought color is just for summer, well, think again. Colorful bags and purses are still in demand this fall. In fact, if you still have those neon colored bags you had last summer, don’t stash them away just yet. You can still rock those this back-to-school season.
If you really love your tees, wear them but add a bit more statement by putting on a blazer. Wear your fave boyfriend jeans and boots and you’re fashionably ready for school.
Leggings are still in and you can wear them not with shorts, but with your dresses for that preppy look. Just go for mono-toned leggings. And of course, go for short dresses with flare skirts if you’re going to wear them with leggings.
These are just some of the dos and don’ts for this year’s back-to-school fashion. Doing a little bit of homework will make your back-to-school shopping easier and less stressful. And what’s better is that you’re sure you’ll look great both on and off campus.
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Back-to-School Fashion Trends for Fall
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