The Shoes Every Woman Should Have

If there’s one accessory that every woman should spend on, it’s probably the shoes. Shoes are pretty powerful accessories. They can transform the way you look, even the way you stand and carry yourself. They can make or break an ensemble, even your self confidence. Women like you know this so you must invest in shoes. Some overdo it, collecting as many as they can, splurging unnecessary bucks as if in a bid to overthrow Imelda Marcos. The thing is, you don’t really need to have a gazillion pairs. All you need are your basic shoe must-haves.
Black pumps
are probably the most essential pair you need since they’re extremely versatile. They can be worn at work, out at night, even at formal dinners. They can be worn to complete many ensembles. They even go with a pair of jeans or shorts. It doesn’t matter how high the heels are, the important thing is you can carry them with confidence.
Comfy Flats
Like the black pumps, flats are also versatile and definite must-haves. You can wear them on a variety of occasions and with many different ensembles. You can also wear them with jeans and shorts. But the great thing about flats is, well, no heels, which means you can be in girly fashion but still comfy and on-the-go.
Evening Shoes
Whether they’re satin, shiny or metallic, or sequined, evening shoes are definite must-haves. You can’t complete your evening wear and grace formal occasions when you don’t have a pair. If you rarely attend formal gatherings, one or two pairs of these will do. Just get them in safe or neutral colors such as black, silver, gray, or white so they can go with whatever dress color you want.
Casual Comfy Sneakers
Like many people, you’re probably looking forward to casual Fridays more than any day of the week. Who can blame you? Fridays are more laidback. And who doesn’t wanna go out on a Friday night? Such a relaxed day deserves a casual pair of sneakers. Of course, they’re not your gym sneakers. Casual comfy sneakers are your go-to shoes. Wearing them is like eating your favorite comfort food. They feel like… home, as one would say.
Gym Shoes
Your gym shoes are your workout buddy – the pair you bring whenever you want to break some sweat and stay in shape. Your choice in gym shoes will depend on what sort of workout you want to do. If you’re more into cardio like running, get expertly designed running shoes to prevent injuries and sprains. If you prefer aerobic and anaerobic combo, cross-training shoes will be the best ones for you. Just remember, these shoes must stay in the gym.
All-Weather Boots
Wearing your pumps to work when it’s raining hard is a terrible idea. That’s why all-weather boots are definite must-haves. Tall boots are great, since you can wear them with a skirt, a dress, to the office, or to a night-out with friends. ious stones. This is your chance to splurge on ornaments with chunky pieces, so go ahead and start bling shopping.
Everyday Sandals
Sandals are awesome not only because they’re comfy but they can also go with any fashion ensemble you can think of. Just get yourself some mani and pedi before you wear them!
Summer Wedges
Summer is all about comfort and style, and when it’s time to wear those Sunday dresses, tank tops, and short skirts, complete your summery look with fun and flirty summer wedges. Whenever buying any of these must-have footwear, always go for the classic styles, safe colors, superb quality, and durability. Your shoes must be great investments, and when you say “investment”, it means something basic and essential. Something that can be worn repeatedly, can last a long time, but never go out of style.
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