Stonewashed Fashion Back in Action!

Many fashion trends of the past have been making a comeback. Perfect example? The ‘60s leggings. Those sleek, stretchy, butt-hugging creations have been giving you ladies some great excuse to be more daring and creative in mixing and matching your wardrobe and shoes. And just when you think they’re the only ones resurfacing in the fashion world, guess again. Because ladies, stonewashed fashion is definitely back in action! There really is no solid fact as to when stonewashing was invented, but renowned jeans maker Levi Strauss & Co. says that it was Donald Freeland who invented
the thing back in the ‘50s. Stonewashed jeans are known for their distinctive faded or worn look. This is achieved by literally machine-washing jeans with big stones, particularly pumice. As the machine wash rotates, the stones tumble around, beating and pounding the cloth fibers, giving denim jeans that faded or worn appearance, flexibility, and softness.
Stonewashed denim shot to fashion popularity back in the ’70s then in the ‘90s. And since that was some 2 decades ago, many people – moms in particular – still have them. Unfortunately, most stonewashed jeans designed 20 years back have aptly been called “mom jeans”, which isn’t exactly the look you wanna go for. So if you really want to give stonewashed jeans a go, you better be a true fashionista and do it right, and this is by pairing your stonewashed jeans with trendy and modern silhouettes.
Skinnies and boyfriends.
If you want to go for stonewashed skinny jeans, try pairing them up with a boyfriend blazer then wear your fave ankle boots. If you favor stonewashed boyfriend jeans, you can wear them casually with a cute collared girly blouse and some pastel colored low sneakers, or an off-shoulder slouchy tee with red flats. For a more polished look though, wear your stonewashed boyfriend jeans with a pair of black or red pumps then any earth toned un-collared three fourth blouse. You can also wear a camel coat over a black tee with your stonewashed boyfriend jeans.
Rebelliously stonewashed.
If you’re in a grungy rebellious mood, try wearing a pair of short stonewashed denim shorts over black stockings, your fave high cut Doc Martens boots, white tee, and jacket. You can then try swapping the top and bottom by wearing a long-sleeved stonewashed denim shirt over a white tee, black short shorts, black stockings, and boots. If you prefer the sexy rebel look, wear short stonewashed shorts with a white long-sleeved polo shirt and black ankle boots.
Stonewashed corporate diva.
For a more demure office look, wear a white long-sleeved polo shirt with a stonewashed denim pencil skirt and a pair of heels. Another work-appropriate stonewashed denim look that you can wear from day to night would be a denim tuxedo shirt with black jeans and pumps. You can also do a stonewashed sailor-cut number paired with a black boatneck top and wedge shoes.
Defying double-denims.
Who says double-denim’s are a no-go? Defy fashion odds with a stonewashed shirt paired with darker flared jeans, completed by a comfy cardigan and a pair of pumps. If you want to go all Daisy Duke, wear a stonewashed shirt, knot it around your waist, then complement the look with a pair of dark colored skinny jeans and some neutral and matte colored flats or low cut Doc Martens. Stonewashed denim is definitely back and hot in the 2012 trends list. They’re pretty comfy and stylish if you just know how to achieve the right silhouette for the right venue and occasion. So go ahead, get fashionably bold and get in on the stonewashed fashion trend.
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