A Rundown of the Fall 2012 Fashion Accessories

Summer has come to an end, and you will bid farewell to the free-spirited sense of fashion and the season of totes and sandals. But you have no reason to fret or worry now that summer’s over. You have every reason to celebrate because as the cold fall months arrive, you can welcome it in style and with power. Here’s a rundown of this year’s fall fashion accessories.

This fall, it’s all about power and strength which means you will see structure, authority, richness, vastness, wildness, and boldness in accessories. If the fashionista in you aches for what’s hot and trendy this fall, then here’s the roundup for you:

Shoes. Shoes this fall reflect structure, richness, and authority. If you already have knee-high leather boots, then kudos as they’re definitely hot this season. If you want to splurge some stacks, then get yourself some tonal booties – those multi-hued boots that are sure to keep your feet warm but still represent structure and style. To nurture your fun side, you may be glad to know that the ‘70s platform boots are in. If you want to go bolder, go for gold with a pair of gold metallic pumps.
Jewelry. Planning on treating yourself to some bling this fall? Well then, go big. Rich jewelry, regal headbands, and oversized earrings are the way to go. If you fancy drop earrings, don’t be afraid to take a risk and choose those with exaggerated adornment of precious stones. This is your chance to splurge on ornaments with chunky pieces, so go ahead and start bling shopping.
Bags. Again, think about power and strength. You know that wild animals are powerful and strong. Make this idea your inspiration. Color-blocked fur and animal printed bags are hot commodities this season. If you want more tamed but equally commanding, go for structured and embellished bags as well as attaché bags. Worrying about what to take during formal festivities? Lady like frame bags and silver studded ones will complete your formal ensemble.
Gadgets. Even technology doesn’t get away with this fall’s trend. If dressing your gadgets is not your thing, you may suddenly have a change of heart as this fall, it’s hot to accessorize your accessories. Dress them up with anything that represents power and strength. Animal print cases for your iPad, phone, or laptop? Not such a bad idea after all. Feeling more structured? Go for block-colored leather cases. If that’s too structured for you, then keep an eye out for cases made of leather and suede. You see, it’s all about
power, structure, command, luxury, and wildness. Strength becomes the underlying theme of this year’s fall fashion accessories. You may cringe at your anticipation of the cold, cold months, but you can still sizzle in fall 2012-inspired accessories. The trick to finding a balance with these ridiculously bold ornaments is that your clothes must not negate them. Make your clothes the canvass and your accessories the paint. Pairing a turtleneck shirt with your fave dark blue skinnies? Spice this look up with some knee-high boots and a silver studded hand bag, then a pair of oversized earrings as cherries on top. The key is to dress simply, even settle for neutral or earth tones, then liven up your look with the fall accessory of your choice. So who says it’s a bummer now that summer’s over? You can still look hot this fall. Just go big and bold with your accessories of choice.
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