Rihanna’s Edgy Fashion Look on a Budget

Rihanna is certainly no stranger to controversy. And her image has hardly been spot free. Proof of that is Nivea’s recent dropping of her as its spokeswoman when its new CEO thought her image was too kinky for the company’s family friendly image. But Rihanna has never pretended to be someone on the sweet side. Case in point is her tumultuous relationship with former flame Chris Brown which ended in images of her battered face flooding the internet, and a police report on battery charges that almost destroyed Chris Brown’s promising career.

After that bout of scandal, Rihanna’s image that had been a mix of “nice and a little naughty’ became progressively darker and more adult. She was known to work hard and play pretty hard. And she became the poster girl for hard-partying-party-girls. Life in the fast lane seemed to suit her. And for a while it seemed like nothing would stop her. Until, it was reported recently that she collapsed due to extreme exhaustion after days of clubbing.

But if we thought that was going to stop her, we were mistaken. She went on with her fast-paced life after a stint in the hospital, but, this time, armed with a supplement every party girl just had to have to retain her youthful good looks despite lack of sleep. And that supplement was aptly named “the party girl drip”, a liquid infusion of vitamins that celebrities are now taking. And they’re no B-listers! Count in the likes of Simon Cowell and Madonna, stars who are also known for their club lifestyles.

Because she is out most nights Rihanna is one of the most snapped celebrities on the face of this planet. And this gives women more opportunities to snag her latest edgy and urban party dress styles.

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