Why Sex is Great for You

Sex is good.
Not only does it feel great, but it’s even something that’s actually great for you and your well-being. Notice how you feel all happy and rejuvenated after a hot, steamy sex? It’s because sex is good for you for a lot of different reasons.

Sex can rid you of stress and anxiety. In a study made on a group of males and females, it was found that

the sexually active ones had lower or more normal blood pressure than those who weren’t sexually active when asked to do stressful tasks like public speaking. The same has been discovered among animals when the relationship between anxiety and sexual behavior was observed in a group of mice. This study showed how the sexually active mice demonstrated less anxiety compared to those that weren’t allowed to mate. Stress hormones also didn’t affect the brains of the sexually active mice.

You probably already know this but sex really can make you happy, especially if it was ahhh-mazing. A 2004 study revealed that among the things that make ladies happy, intimate relations rank first. Another research supported these findings, stating that the happier people are those who are getting the most action. The research went on to say that most people think that having frequent sex is as good as getting a fifty-grand salary bump. Another interesting finding was that most of the men who participated in the study admitted to feeling less happy when had to cheat or pay just to get laid.

Sex can boost your body’s immune system. A study performed on undergraduates back in 1999 discovered that getting busy can help strengthen the body’s immune system. It was found that those who got some loving at least once every week showed increased amounts of immunoglobulin A (IgA) – an antibody capable of fighting off infections in the body. This doesn’t mean though that the more sex you have in a week, the higher the amount of IgA. Hypersexual people, or those who had sex for over 3 times per week, had just the same IgA levels as those who abstained or didn’t get any. This only proves that too much of anything is always bad, even if it’s sex.

Sex can help relieve you of pain. You know how it was during your “first time”. It was painful and you probably didn’t enjoy it as much as your boyfriend or husband did. The thing is, even if you’re no longer a virgin, you can still feel pain during sex, especially if it’s been weeks or months that you haven’t gotten any action. It’s therefore important to have sex more frequently, but not too excessively. That way, the pain goes away and both of you will start enjoying sex more. Studies also reveal that regular sex increases women’s tolerance to pain by around 40 percent through vaginal stimulation, and a staggering 75 percent through orgasm.
Sex can resolve conflict. Experts agree that unreserved sex between couples after a big argument is a normal way to resolve conflict. The residual anger in you and your partner helps fuel the somewhat animalistic and uninhibited sex, making it an even more pleasurable experience for both of you. You can therefore say that sex in this context is a ravenous act that can bring forth peace (pun intended). The physical, emotional, psychological, and social benefits of sex are undeniable. It’s one of those worldly pleasures that are great for you. Of course, you can never have too much of a good thing. Just find that balance and you’ll find yourself more confident, healthier, and happier.
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