Preparing the Living Room for the Coming of Autumn

Updating the look of your room or your home doesn’t have to involve a lot of work or money. Sure, you can repaint the walls, which is probably the first thing most interior designers will suggest to you. But one thing you can do is to put the right curtains on your windows. Many people don’t seem to pay that much attention to window treatments. They’d just put whatever curtain they could find, even if it doesn’t go with everything else. The thing is, curtains can give your home a drastic change if you just make the right choice. Here are a few things you need to remember when choosing the right curtains:
Fabric. This is one of the most important factors that will determine your choice in curtains. The kind of fabric will dictate how the curtain falls, how much pleating you’d get, how long it’ll last, what degree of insulation it’ll give, and how much light is absorbed or repelled. For example, when going for durability, stay away from silk curtains. Silk quickly fades so in just a few short years, silk curtains will look dull and ugly.
Color. Before deciding on curtain colors or designs, come up with a theme first. Once you’ve decided on a theme, color choice will be easy. Going for a tropical or summer theme for the living room? Then choose white, light yellow or beige colored curtains for your living room windows. You can then use a combination of brown and orange tiebacks for nice contrast. If you’re going for an office kind of theme or setting, choose the neutral or earth toned drapes.


Lighting. The amount of lighting that you need will also play a role in your choice of curtains. If you want to completely block off the sunlight passing through your windows, you need thick and maybe dark colored curtains, like the ones used in audio-visual rooms and theaters. If, however, you need a little bit more light peering through your windows, go for the thin and light colored curtains.
Length. Most interior designers recommend that you go for the floor-length curtains, even if your windows aren’t that big. By using floor-length curtains, a room will look much bigger or spacious. They can also add more drama to any boring or dull-looking interior. It’s up to you whether you want to add a window valance, but it’ll probably be better if you keep the valance design and color minimal so as not to overpower the curtains.
Insulation. Your choice in curtains will also depend on the amount of insulation you need. To block off the cold winter season, use thick and heavy drapes or curtains. If you need more breeze inside a room especially during the summer season, use thin and light colored curtains.
Privacy. The degree of privacy you need will also dictate what type of curtain you should get. If you need complete privacy, choose the thick and dark colored drapes. If you won’t mind sacrificing a little bit of your privacy, just let more natural light pass through your windows. Go for see-through, thin, and light curtains.
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