Back to School Trends That’ll Rock Your Fashion Style!

September is just around and the corner. And students everywhere know what that means. Whether you’re a teacher’s pet or a back row slacker, there’s no avoiding the first day of school. Teenagers, and those in their early 20’s who are in search of a fashion identity for 2012 to 2013 are scouring the malls for the latest trends, so they can put together fashion looks that have turned out to be as eclectic and dynamic as the 80’s and 90’s fashion styles. Yes, we’re not talking of a single era here. We’re talking of multiple eras forecast to prowl the school campus and alleys.

The Grunge Look has made an unapologetic comeback for the school year. But instead of striving to be as unfashionable as ever in the tradition of grunge fashion, grunge has undergone a fashion savvy revolution. The grunge staples are still what marks the anti-fashion look. But the boxy silhouettes have given way to soft, shapely versions that give the wearer a leaner frame. Plus, the mix of ‘nice’ and ‘tough’ are combined in such a seamless way, you can’t see where ‘nice’ starts and ‘tough’ ends.

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