Top 5 Summer Fashion Looks

The sheath dress looks deceptively simple enough on a rack but it’s really when you slip it on that the magic happens. Sheath dresses are very forgiving of bodily flaws. They give you subtle curves and hide that little bulge that a little eating over the weekend can give you. But for sheath dresses to deliver what they promise, you also have to do your part as a shopper. You can’t just go for any old shift dress; you also have to check for fabric, silhouette, and stitches. Yes, you heard it right, stitches. A simply cut dress relies heavily on form, and any stitch gone wrong will alter the silhouette and cause unsightly bunching. And when any dress bunches up, that means only one thing, poor tailoring. Which equates to “cheap.” And you don’t want “affordable dresses” to actually mean “cheap.”

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