Fashion Staple to Beat the Dog Days of Summer? Shirt Dresses to Die For!

Do you feel like there’s no more room in your wardrobe for another fashion item? You open it up, and you feel you’re having a maxi and bikini overload. But, there’s just another refreshing fashion staple you must wear the nearer to fall you get. For some respite from the heat that sizzles as we go neck deep into summer, airy, breathy, refreshing shirt dresses are your go-to apparel. Summer shirt dresses are experiencing a resurgence this summer as the season swelters. The soft fabric and loose silhouette allows whatever oxygen there is in the increased humidity to cool sweaty female bodies everywhere with a dose of style. Plus, that thin belt which gives your loose shirt dress a subtle waist definition is very forgiving of a little pudginess. With flats, you can refresh yourself with a walk through the park in a cool yet stylish shirt dress. With heels, accessories, and sultry make-up, you can go out for a night on the town in fashionably relaxed ease.

But first, what exactly is a shirt dress? Shirt dresses, which were more commonly known as shirtwaist dresses in the 50’s, were designed with masculine details: collar, button front, and cuffs. They usually fall above the knee or on the knee and are given feminine shape with a belt or slim sash at the waist. Christian Dior first launched the shirt dress as part of his “New Look” collection in the 1950’s.

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