Find Out What Your Preferred Chic Gloss Color Says about You

What’s the chic gloss trend all about? It’s about wearing the glossiest colors in clothes, bags, and shoes; giving your summer look a sheer layer of ice and heat. You can choose the glossiest color for your personality. And there’s no limit to the variety of glossy colors that you’d feel comfortable in despite the slick sheen. In fact, the type of chic gloss color that you choose for yourself should give you an inkling about what your true personality is, if you don’t know it yet.

Gold – You welcome attention, and you strive to live a big, passionate life. In fact, you have a big personality and you’re not afraid to show what you’re all about. Gold shines even from afar, and you firmly believe you’re the same way.

Silver – You are the dignified sort. You have a quiet and elegant way of doing things. And you prefer to make your presence felt with a lot of grace.

Black – You crave power and control and are extremely protective of yourself. You prefer being in control because loss of control makes you feel unsafe.

Red – You prefer action over intuition. And you indulge your 5 senses in many ways. Physical fulfillment is right up there on the list. Orange – You are a social butterfly. You are most comfortable in a group and you work to be accepted and respected by your peers. You easily get bored so you welcome challenges with a lot of bravado.

Yellow – Logic is an important aspect of your decision making process, and that is also why you need to have order and organization in your life. Green – Love makes your world go round. You have a profound need to belong. It is only when you belong that you feel safe and secure.

Blue – If you love blue, you always strive for calm. Profound truths are your guiding lights in the way you conduct your life. And inner peace is a very important aspect of your life.

Each and every color mentioned here has been featured in runway shows for summer 2012.

Kanye West had celebrities wearing his chic gloss after his fashion show presenting his chic gloss line up.

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