Beach Cover Ups as Fashion Statements

Remember the time when your beach cover up consisted of a large towel and an oversized tee? Well, those days are gone. Beach cover ups are now given as much thought as the swimwear they conveniently cover up while you take a stroll down the beach, or run for a cup of coffee. In fact, the days where swimwear was the only sole consideration when planning for a trip to the beach is happily over! Your itsy bitsy bikini will ideally have a matching cover up, comfy sandals or wedges, matching tote bag, sunglasses, beach jewelry, and even a hat if you prefer.

Beach fashion for summer is now in full swing, and beach beauties are enjoying putting together their summer fashion to incorporate their mood. And for summer, the mood is generally sultry, fun, or sensuous. And whatever mood you’re in, there’s a cover up to complement your swimsuit. Take it from bikini maven Kim Kardashian. Her cover ups can take you from morning till night at the beach, and she doesn’t skip a beat when putting together bikini outfits that are meant to draw attention to her bikini form.

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