The Color Pop Trend Is Deliciously Popping!

We like our bright colors, but sometimes too many bright colors in one outfit can be overpowering. If you are quite slender, or petite, strong colors can engulf you. The tendency would be the colors swallowing you up instead of you wearing the colors. So what makes for a happy compromise for someone who still wants the excitement that flashes of bright color bring to an outfit? Color Pop. The Color Pop Trend has been slowly picking up ever since neon and color blocking made an auspicious comeback last spring.

In the flurry of colorful fashion looks, the color pop trend was relegated to the background however. But halfway through summer, the trend started picking up. Celebrities have been seen around town in color pop outfits which combine one neutral shade with a pop of vivid color. Think, gray top with short fuchsia skirt. Or black pants with a vivid mustard top. Or a neutral outfit with neon green footwear. Even casual jeans with a brilliantly colored bag. What we’re learning from this trend is; color doesn’t have to swamp an attire, it can be used as an accent to bring the whole look together in exciting ways.

See how most celebrities are putting the look together for maximum impact.

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