Legendary Hollywood Hotspot: Avalon

photo credits: ournightlife.com

Los Angeles boasts of hundreds of hot nightclubs and sizzling hot spots, but if you are looking for the ultimate clubbing experience, Avalon is the place to be. Located in the famous corner of Hollywood and Vine, the legendary establishment has been the go-to place for the best in music and entertainment for every decade since it opened in 1927.

Avalon was originally built to house stage theater back in the 1920s and 30s. In the 40s, CBS began hosting its radio broadcasts in the building. A decade later, the likes of Jerry Lewis and Judy Garland were brought by television to the stage. In the 60s, the building played host to such iconic musicians and personalities as the Beatles, Sonny and Cher, and Frank Sinatra. It was also during this time that the building became known as the Hollywood Palace. The building went through a major overhaul in the late 70s and became the ultimate concert and clubbing venue in L.A. The Palace, as it was then called, hosted dance parties 5 nights a week and saw the likes of The Rolling Stones, Madonna and Prince partying regularly at the club. The 80s saw the Palace become the go-to venue for the best artists in town including performances from Tina Turner, Prince and the Rolling Stones. Acts like Culture Club, the Eurythmics, Duran Duran, and The Clash held their first US performances in the Palace. These performances later became known as the British invasion. The Palace as the ultimate concert venue continued throughout the 90s with the likes of Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins at the head of the bill. The Ramones held their last concert here back in 1996.

The Palace also began its move in the DJ/clubbing direction. In 2002, the building was bought by John Lyons and his team, and they transformed the old Palace into the ultimate dance club we now know today. Avalon is more than just a Hollywood hot spot. It is also a force that pushed electronic music to the fore in the West Coast, the home of the world’s best DJs and the place for new ones to earn some cred.

Avalon effortlessly combines the old and the new. The building’s façade kept the style of a bygone era. Its interiors are fitted with old school-style furnishings and décor. Yet, it boasts of the best state-of-art sound and lighting system in town. It also has its very own speakers designed by John Lyons Systems. It is featured in all Avalon clubs as well as other top nightclubs around the world.

The club is divided into four rooms, each with its own personality: The Main Room, Honey Restaurant, Bardot and the Loft. The Main Room is where the party is at. With a removable stage, the main floor plays host to live acts and performances. Off to the side is Honey Restaurant where you and your friends can huddle up in a leather booth and dine on hors d’oeuvres and three and four course seat dinners by the light of crystal chandeliers. Upstairs is the secluded retreat, Bardot. It is divided into three distinct areas. The Lounge Bar provides a comfy area where you can enjoy food and drinks in private. The Courtyard offers a fantastic dining experience under the night sky and provides a view of the famous Capital Records building. The Tented bar has that oasean feel to it. All these factors combined provide a unique clubbing experience for partygoers. Avalon really is the authority when it comes to Hollywood nightlife.

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