Celebrities in Stars and Stripes Swimwear

The Fourth of July is usually a larger than life celebration for most Americans. When Independence Day comes around the stars and stripes are on display everywhere! It’s no secret that the American flag is one of the most attractive flags ever designed, and designers have used it in their styles since the 1970’s when it first broke through the fashion scene in bags and t-shirts. At first, a fuss was raised regarding the use of the flag in fashion, with American elders disagreeing with the stars and stripes fashion trend.

In the end, fashion prevailed. And the ‘stars and stripes’ was seen on caps, dresses, even notebooks. How can one not wear the stars and stripes? The colors are striking. The design elements are sharp. The juxtaposition of shapes is interesting. It’s perfect for a patriotic fashion statement. This July 4, Americans are spending Independence Day outdoors, and the stars and stripes will be on prominent display once again.

You might be inclined to spend the Fourth of July at the beach like most people anticipating good times on Independence Day. And, why not? It’s sure to be a beautiful day on the 4th and what better way to enjoy the freedom that our forefathers strove to give us than enjoying the sun, sand, sea, and surf. It’s time for that beach babe in you to surface with patriotic colors. Just take a look at the following celebrities who have donned patriotic swimwear! It’s a quirkily patriotic way to wear the American flag.

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