Footwear That Pays Homage to the Fourth of July!

This year, the United States celebrates its 236th birthday. It may seem like such a young age for one of the most powerful nations on the globe, but we have a rich cultural history that spans our ties and eventual breaking of ties with England, the formation of a true democratic government with the abolishment of slavery under President Abraham Lincoln, the assassination of President Kennedy, to the tragic 9/11 events. But our history doesn’t stop there. The United States is still creating history on the home front as well as overseas. Each Fourth of July Celebration is therefore a significant event. Whether you’re celebrating your history at the beach, a picnic, a barbecue, or a soiree just before the magnificent fireworks, you tend to find ways to personally commemorate this momentous occasion.

Some do it with elaborate speeches, penning literary works, or painting. But, if you’re strapped for time but still inclined to be creative, why not do it in style? Say, Fourth of July footwear that makes no pretense at being anything else.

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