Fourth of July Nails

Be patriotic this Memorial Day by painting and designing your nails a la American flag. Holidays like this bring out the creativity in everyone. Some may design stars while others may paint their nails alternately with red, blue and white.

This photo from the Instagram of kearst22 is one creative design that reflects her patriotic self. Her thumb was painted with full-on American flag and the rest is her own concept of the flag. How to get the design? Simple. What you’ll need are the three basic colors of the American flag, and that is red, white, and blue. To get the exact copy of the American Flag, apply white nail polish and use it as a base, let it dry for a minute so as not to mix red with white nail polish. After a minute, draw red lines that will actually look like nautical stripes and set it for a minute. Now get the blue polish and draw a small square or rectangular shape on the upper right side portion of the nail. The crucial part is drawing the stars. If you have a steady hand, you can opt to use the wand polish brush or the cheapest alternative would be a pen type liquid corrector. But if all else fails, you can buy nail stickers that have star designs. As for the other nails, you can alternately color it, use red polish as a base and draw thick white lines reminiscent of the flag. Use a blue nail polish as a base and stick on stars to symbolize the 50 states of the United States.

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Now, this design right here reminds me of something, and someone: The American Flag and Wonder Woman. Given the colors red, red, white, and blue, it obviously screams The United States and Fourth of July. And why Wonder Woman? Since these three colors are also attributed with the character, the way it is designed resembles Wonder Woman’s head gear or is it a tiara? And the type of nail polish used is metallic in color. Hello girl power!!! This design I got from maegansamek from Instagram is a different adaptation of the American flag. Instead of using white polish, metallic silver was used to give a more funky and chic look. Now painting your nails like this can be pretty difficult especially for beginners, it certainly takes a lot of practice. The good thing with this design is, you can have this painted on your nails not only for Independence Day but for events like costume parties etc.

Looking for a perfect nail design or nail art is pretty easy but achieving it can be quite difficult especially if you’re not used to it. So what could be the best way to achieve it? Yes time is running out but you still have 24 hours till Independence Day to paint your nails the way you want it. Try printing a photo of the nail art and buy the necessary colors like red, white and blue or silver. Analyze the picture and copy it, or let it serve as an inspiration for your nail design. Have fun!

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