Fourth of July Make-up

This is the time of the year where you can express your patriotic side in make-up after all it IS Independence Day! Flags, hats, bow ties, bags and everything you can think of are displaying the red, white, and blue of the American flag. It is a joyous celebration. There are parties and events here and there. And it’s all about being creative. What look would you want for the Fourth of July? Have you prepared your outfits? Your make up? But, if you’re still ill-prepared for the event I’ve come up with two looks that will symbolize Independence Day.

Look #1: Blue, White, and Hot Pink

Okay, hot pink is a good alternative for red since red eye shadow is not a very common color included in a palette.

The Tools:

Urban Decay Primer Potion, Benefit Mascara, Urban Decay Mascara and Fairy Drops Mascara, T. Le Clerc eyebrow pencil in Chatain, Dollface Cosmetics eye show in hot pink and blue, Urban Decay eye shadow in Blue Bus and Midnight Cowgirl, Ben Nye Concealer Palette and Amazing Concealer. The first thing to do when applying make-up is to start with a clean, fresh and toned face so that make-up will glide smoothly on your skin. The most common problems are the dark circles under the eyes. That will make you look ten years older or haggard looking. The trick is to use a concealer, but make sure it glides smoothly under your eyes to avoid creases. I consider Ben Nye and Amazing concealer to be the best concealers on earth!

Step one is an example of an eye without concealer. Second apply a yellow shade of concealer on blue or purple toned circles. Dab gently so as to make it look natural.

Were you able to spot the difference? The left eye has no concealer and the right eye has one.

The outcome

Shape your eyebrows. A pair of perfectly shaped eyebrows enhances the eyes and whole face as well. Line your brows and fill-in the empty spaces for fuller brows, now if you think that the color of the pencil is too dark for you, you can apply MAC’s Boy Girl brow mascara. Third step; put concealer around the brow to give the illusion of a cleaner and shapelier brow, and dab with a sponger to set the concealer.

Apply Urban Decay’s Primer Potion, it makes the eye shadow last longer and shows its true color. Make sure to apply all over the eye area.
Line the crease of the eyes using Doll Face Cosmetic’s blue eye shadow and Urban Decay’s Blue Bus, from the inner portion up to the outer corner of the upper lid, and brush it to create a winged eye look.
Using Soap & Glory’s white eyeliner, line your water lid to pop-up or brighten the eye.
Again, using both blue eye shadows from Doll Face and Urban Decay, line your lower lash line. And back on the upper lid, line it with hot pink eye shadow to give a subtle ombre effect. Apply Urban Decay’s Midnight Cowgirl on the brow bone.
Line the inner corner of your eye with a hot pink eye shadow going up. Apply liquid eye liner on the upper lash line and make a semi-winged line.
Using a black pencil, line your lower lash line to create a smoky effect. Apply mascara. As for me, I prefer three different types of mascara with different wand shapes to perfectly open my peepers.
Apply false eye lashes or falsies, this one is optional, but I wanted to create a more dramatic effect for evening that’s why I used falsies on the upper and lower lash line.
Look #2 Captain America-inspired

This one’s easier to do. Simple lines and simple brush strokes are all that’s needed. Repeat the steps when applying concealer and shaping eyebrows as well as steps 1 to 2 in applying eye shadow primer.

Line the crease from the inner up to the outer corner, and create a winged-eye shadow effect. A little application of white eye shadow is needed to get the subtle ombre look. Apply white eyeliner on the water lid.
Line the lower lash line using Doll Face Cosmetics or Coastal Scents Red eye shadow and wing it until the blue and red colors meet. Apply Urban Decay’s Midnight Cowgirl on the brow bone and line the lid using liquid eyeliner.
Apply false eye lashes on the bottom part or you can opt not to.
I hope these looks can somehow help you with your make-up for the upcoming celebration. I managed to get looks that are manageable as well as achievable. Happy Fourth of July!
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