Where the Magic Starts: AMIClubwear Offices in California

Wherever you are in the globe, AMIClubwear purchases will find their way to you once you place an order for their gorgeous products. But, have you ever wondered where the whole process starts? How does that gorgeous pair of shoes or that tiny bikini get to your door? Let us take you through the whole process, which doesn’t actually start when your eyes are enchanted by a product you SIMPLY must have.

The magic happens long before that.

It starts at 14273 Don Julian Rd, City of Industry, California, in the quirkily magnificent offices of AMIClubwear. From the striped pink and white wallpaper to the black and white retro armchairs; AMIClubwear visually affirms what it’s all about: affordable fashion that doesn’t stint on quality. And when we talk of quality, we’re also talking about the quality people at AMIClubwear who start your destined little black dress on its journey to you.

AMIClubwear spokesmodel Kassandra Brooks typifies the ideal AMIClubwear woman. What’s an AMIClubwear woman, you ask? She’s someone who knows what she wants, and knows how to dress the part. And, when a woman knows what she wants, she has a “joie de vivre” that is hard to escape. Kassandra’s bubbly personality and California good looks draw people to her, so she is the perfect fit for AMIClubwear fashion.

But before you ever get to see the most popular trends on Kassandra, you’d have to drop by the photography studio, where Josie, the photographer and studio manager, works her creative magic on the colorful sets, images, and editorials. This is where any AMIClubwear product destined to be yours gets its fair share of the camera lights. Customers who go onsite get to figure out what the products would look like on them, when they see them on Kassandra, Megan, Ashleigh, and Alexia (AMIClubwear’s main models).

Footwear and accessories get their fair share of superstar treatment under the camera lenses of Christian, who makes sure that each shot will highlight each product’s qualities. You’re sure to get a good gauge of what product is a good fit for your tastes, because every angle is painstakingly presented for your viewing pleasure.

But the flow of organized creativity doesn’t stop there. Web designers like Megan (who also models for AMIClubwear) create sale banners meant to give you potent visual messages so you can take advantage of a happening sale before everyone else. Because AMIClubwear sales attract loads of women on the hunt for the ultimate shopping find, you’d have to be in position when the starting shot is fired!

After all is said and done, it’s time for web cataloguing. Designers load the images onsite along with product descriptions, so you know exactly what you’ll be getting. This is where you’ll finally meet your ‘product’ match! The call to purchase when you’ve met your latest ‘shoe love’ is so strong that you just have to pick up the phone to our customer service department.

The customer service department is where your calls as well as emails are answered. The American team accepts queries, takes down the details of your order, and may handle complaints (with tact) when the need arises. And for you, the AMIClubwear customer, they take your call for purchase.

The product is then pulled, and then placed in indicated locations at the huge AMIClubwear warehouse in California. After your purchase is placed in the designated box, an address label is slapped on the cover, and it is sent out.

We, at AMIClubwear always hope that when the product gets to you, a smile lights up your face. Especially when your new pair of shoes, or that cute little dress, is revealed.

For a more detailed tour of the AMIClubwear premises in California, allow Kassandra to lead you around with a few chuckles and loads of fun.

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