How to Tame Your Man

We all know what it’s like to want the bad boy or the player, and often times, we get hooked by the notion that we can work our magic and make him a changed man. Sometimes, we end up with the nice guy that ends up straying because he’s so comfortable—to the point where he doesn’t try with you anymore, and in some cases, ends up trying with someone else. The problem, however, is toeing the line between wanting to keep him close, and being controlling, because when we get down to it, we shouldn’t be in a relationship to change someone, but rather, to find a way to have you both change for the better. Here are three simple steps to tame your man, and keep him. Be warned: this is a short course on being manipulative—but it will keep your man in line and keep him from straying.

•   Don’t nag him. He will only resent you for it. I’ve found that the best way to keep your man in line is speaking with your actions rather than your words, which he ends up tuning out or forgetting about anyway. This is in line with what Sherry Argov says in her book “Why Men Love Bitches”. Don’t let him feel like you’ll always be there at his beck and call, or that he can take you for granted. Go out with your girls if he’s being whiny about not wanting to go out with your friends that he can’t stand. If he refuses to do the laundry, do your own, leave his out of the dryer, and make him really see that you mean business.

•   Find things that you both love, and enjoy it. My boyfriend’s sister and her boyfriend are foodies, and they love to try out holes-in-the-wall establishments. Other couples like following shows together, or taking a sport together. You can even change it up, and make it into a competition, like going for a gym membership and betting on who can shed the pounds faster. Activities like these help bring you two closer, and keeps him from even thinking about straying.

•   Be open. People don’t seem to see the value of talking through your differences and making sure that you see each other’s’ point. People, and I’ve noticed in a lot my friends, tend to also close themselves off too much when in a relationship with other people. It can be suffocating, always wanting it to be just you and your man. Make sure to go out with your friends, and learn to like each other’s friends. It’s all about having open lines of communication between the two of you, and how you two exist as a unit outside of yourselves. Closing yourselves off, or worse, trying to always keep him close to you, whether it means that you don’t want him off playing Diablo 3 again or forcing him into taking you out on dates every night, will only stifle him.

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