What Eyebrow Suits You

Have you ever tried reshaping your eyebrow? If you did, I’m quite sure that you noticed a big difference on your face when your eyebrows are shaped differently from its usual look. If you’ve been following my section, I’ve mentioned before that eyebrows enhance the face and focus the eyes. It actually makes the whole face. Imagine yourself without brows, it would look odd, wouldn’t it?

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Do you know that this is actually Kim Kardashian? I bet you took a second look. Her face looks sickly without brows. This emphasizes how brows definitely shape a face.
If you are in your early teens and would want to experiment with plucking, threading, waxing, or shaving your brows yet don’t have a single clue about what to do. You have to know the hard and fast rule: never over-pluck. Why? Because thin brows makes you look twice your age. Don’t get frustrated when one brow looks better than the other, because that’s how it really is. Know the important points when shaping your brows. And the first basic point is knowing your face shape. There are six basic face shapes: the oval shape, round shape, heart shape, long face shape (don’t confuse yourself between long and oval), diamond shape, and square shape. So what’s the ideal brow shape for these face shapes?

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1. The Oval Face

Oval Face is the perfect shape since it can go with anything. If you have this shape then lucky you (!) since any eyebrow shape will look entirely good on you.

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2. The Round Face

When you have a round face make sure to achieve an arched brow to give the illusion of an oval face, and to give balance as well as avoid a full face.

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Obsereve Emma Stone’s brows. Imagine if her are brows are curved. Her face will definitely look rounder. Wisely, she opted to shape her brows with an angle that still looks soft.
3. The Long Face

How do you make a long face appear shorter? Again, you can fake it. Never opt for arched, angled, or curved. The best shape for you is flat brows.

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Take SJP for example, flat brows suit her long face and makes it appear more oval.
4. The Square Face

A square face has a prominent jaw line that makes the face look too strong. To soften the face and make the person look more approachable don a curved brow to soften the features of the face. A perfect example would be Demi Moore.

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5. The Heart Shape Face

The heart shape face looks a bit of an inverted triangle. It has a pointed chin, and has a wide forehead with defined cheekbones. Choose a curved shaped brow to soften strong features. See Michelle Pfieffer’s brows, it is curved with a slight angle.

Photo Credit: celebquestion.com

The second point is your hair color, your brows should match the color of your hair or else it will look entirely artificial. If your hair color is blonde then don’t go for black brows.
6. The Diamond Face

This is the rarest shape among all the face shapes. What are the features of a diamond face? Try to imagine the shape of a diamond, it has a narrow top, the middle is wide and the bottom is also narrow. Same goes with the face, a narrow forehead and chin, with wide cheeks. Again, the curved angled brow gets the vote to soften the already sharp features of the face. Celebrities with Diamond Shaped Faces are Scarlett Johansson, Mena Suvari, and Rihanna.

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I hope this helps, and again if this is your first time, let the experts do the job so you avoid an eyebrow disaster.
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  1. i kinda like this even though i’m not a person that really pays attention to make up and stuff like that but i still don’t know which shape my face is. that’s the only thing that seems to be hrowing me off. but other than that i’ll keep what i’ve read in mind so that it’ll help me out sometime in the near future.

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