One-Piece Swimsuits That Will Still Turn Him On at the Beach

So you’re one woman who knows what she wants, and gets what she wants. You can rest on your laurels for a while, at least for the summer. You and your man plan a beach vacation, but a niggling doubt starts eating at you. Take off your power suit and slip off your killer heels, and you start feeling awkward. Does your body measure up? How will you fare beside buff beach beauties? Before you start drowning in negative thoughts, know that sexiness is fleeting, and sensuality is an attitude. Though not all of us have pert bosoms, whittled waists, and luscious derrieres, there are one-piece swimsuits that will highlight your assets and leave him wanting to see the rest of you even if you don’t show too much skin.

Looking fierce on the beach is all about attitude. A quotation that can’t seem to be attributed to anyone goes “Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she IS beautiful.” So, we may not have perfect bodies, but, if we wear our attitude with confidence and acceptance of our imperfections, our inner beauty shines through.

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