A Catty Commentary on Kim Kardashian’s Hawt Bikini Styles! A Tongue-in-Cheek Article.

No one knows her bikini look more than reality star and fashion mogul Kim Kardashian. In fact, she adores her bikini clad bod so much that you’d see her flaunting her bikini look every chance she gets. She lounges by the pool side. She sunbathes like a sultry cat on lounge chairs, wades into the pool or the beach without getting her fab blow-out and sultry smoky eye and nude lip wet. While most Hollywood celebrities who unwind by the beach rise from the waters like something the cat dragged in sans make-up, Kim simply flips her brown mane and sashays pool side, or beach side. So, we’ve come to the conclusion that Kim hies to the pool or beach NOT to swim but to display her well-endowed assets in countless bikinis for photo ops that would have us envying her voluptuous shape.

We don’t envy her, really. We may pore over her countless bikini shots and look for a roll of fat or a hint of stretch marks on her behind with laser vision, but it doesn’t mean that we’re peeved. We’re simply more analytical about celebrity flaws. After all, she IS hot smack in the limelight. If she does a turn for the paparazzi, steps out for every Hollywood event dressed to the nines, wears matchy-matchy outfits with current beau Kanye West for the cameras, she wouldn’t mind being under the microscope of countless ladies meaning to snatch her bikini style. Would she? But, we’ve got to grudgingly hand it to her, no one can wear a bikini like Kim Kardashian, and she knows it. She’s been rubbing our faces in it ever since her appearance on the reality television sphere. This time around, we’re taking her bikini looks apart with claws unsheathed.

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