JB: the new JT?

speaks01.jpg So I’m driving to the mall a couple weeks ago and the DJ comes on the radio to announce the next song. He says, “This is Justin’s new song “Boyfriend” “. I instantly think, oh WOW, it’s about time Justin comes out with a new song! But why on earth would he name it Boyfriend? He already had a hit song with N*SYNC and Nelly that was titled Girlfriend. Then I thought, hmmm… perhaps it is a sequel type song like R-Kelly’s “Trapped in the Closet” series?

Next thing I know this amazing beat hits me and instantly makes me want to shimmy in the driver seat. I’m bopping along when that smooth voice just about knocks me out. Instantly I’m in love with this new Justin Timberlake song! I don’t even care that the title is similar to a song he already released. Let’s see how loud my speakers will go!

The words boyfriend and girlfriend are getting tossed around a lot at this point. I begin to doubt if I even heard the name of the song correctly. Did the DJ say it was Boyfriend or Girlfriend? That would be weird if JT had another hit song with the same title. Let me check it out. I quickly hit the button on my car to display the title and artist. Had I not been sitting at a red light at this point I may have crashed!

Artist- Justin Beiber
Title- Boyfriend

Whoa whoa whoa!! Wait a minute. Justing Beiber? It can’t be! The Dj said Justin…. oh yea! He didn’t’ say a last name!! WOW. I could have sworn that sexy voice was Timberlake! Uh oh, does this make me a “Belieber”? What just happened?!

The song is now ending and I’m yearning for more. I realize that this song has single handedly made me appreciate Justin Beiber. For me, Boyfriend was love at first listen. I wouldn’t go as far to say that I have “Beiber Fever” but I do catch myself going on youtube at least once a day to hear the mood lifting song.

I shared my experience with some of my friends and was pleased to hear that many of them had similar encounters with the song. What about you?

Link to the Justin Beiber song:
Click here

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